Introduction to Arduino

  • 01 Dec 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • FabLab Tacoma
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Through hands-on exercises, this workshop will introduce you to the Arduino board hardware and software, showing you how to interface it to circuits that you build.

The workshop includes an Arduino board, prototyping board, cables, servo, motor and all of the necessary electronics for for you to keep. Please bring a computer with the Arduino IDE installed ( No previous electronics or programming experience is necessary.

Class size is limited to 10 students.

Included: Arduino Uno-R3, Starter Kit, servo motor, LED

  • Laptop (Mac OS X or Windows. Linux if you’re willing to work at it)
  • Please pre-load the developer environment from
Some programming experience is helpful but not required About the workshop

Arduino is a microcontroller-based pc-board with associated software that allows you to create, automate and customize a variety of projects. It is an efficient and relatively easy way to add electronic “brains” to electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source computing platform based on a simple i/o board, and a development environment for writing Arduino software. The Arduino programming language is an implementation of Wiring itself built on Processing.

Arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors, and controlling a variety of lights, motors, and other outputs. Arduino projects can be stand-alone, or they can be communicate with software running on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP) The boards can be assembled by hand or purchased preassembled; the open-source IDE can be downloaded for free.

Chris Greenley, the class instructor, discovered his love of circuits and microcontrollers while working on a physics degree. He taught a university electronics course for three years and really enjoys making complex concepts easy for anyone to understand. When not building circuits or writing code, he enjoys hiking, camping, scuba diving and ballroom dancing.

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